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Christ Fulfills All

Introducing the Biblical Covenants

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The Bible is written in covenant language. The more you understand the structure of the Bible the better you will understand the major message of the Bible and see how everything fits together.

There is a unity to the message of the Bible, centered around covenant theology, related to God's plan to restore broken human beings who have rebelled against him. Covenant theology explains how we became broken and how God plans to save us. The gospel itself is dependent on the covenantal framework of Scripture.


Belcher expertly weaves together a portrait of the biblical-theological landscape of how God has covenanted with his people into an amazingly accessible little book. This work should be a first port of call for those new to covenant theology. Belcher's user-friendly style and irenic tone lead us into more depth than we might expect from a book so easy to read.

Harrison Perkins
Pastor, Oakland Hills Community Church (OPC)

Well-researched and concisely written. Will be the first resource I recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about covenant theology.

John W. Tweeddale
Vice President of Academics and Professor of Theology, Reformation Bible College

This short book is a superb introduction to covenant theology. For anyone seeking to understand how God's covenant promises run through all the pages of Scripture, and for anyone seeking to marvel anew at how Christ fulfils them all, this book is the first place to go.

Thomas Davis
Minister, Carloway Free Church, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

An outstanding introduction to covenant theology . clear, concise, and accessible. Belcher's academic experience combined with his pastoral sensitivity are evident throughout.

Miles V. Van Pelt
Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages, RTS Jackson, Mississippi
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