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Genesis - Deuteronomy

Judges - Esther


Isaiah - Malachi


Wisdom Wednesdays

How do covenants structure redemptive history?

Why is the health and wealth gospel unbiblical?

How can a Good God Allow Evil?

Conferences & Other Series

Understanding Law Conference

Faith Presbyterian Church
Morganton, NC

1. Key Concepts

2. Laws on Sexuality

3. Food and Blood Laws

2013 Spring Conference

Greenville Presbyterian
Theological Seminary

Supernatural Creation of Man

Other Recordings

Good and Necessary Consequence

Understanding Old Testament Narrative

The Covenant of Works
(Podcast Episode)

Genesis 1 and the Definition
of Death

The Book of Deuteronomy:
Covenant Renewal

How to Read the Bible

Christ Ridge Presbyterian Church
Fort Mill, SC

Meaning within Historical Context

Understanding Proverbs

Narrative Texts

Old Testament Law, Part 1

Old Testament Law, Part 2

Perspectives on Prophets

Understanding the Prophets

Christ in the Old Testament

Understanding the Psalms